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Silicon Valley quality remote developers based in Italy


“I love working with this team.”


“I would absolutely work together again. I wouldn’t think twice about it.”


“These developers are top-notch.”


“Working together has been great!”


“These are world class developers, particularly the senior developers.”


“This is a team that genuinely wants to achieve something great together.”




We're reinventing offshore staffing through an innovative new approach that offers Silicon Valley quality at a fraction of the cost. You won't find better mobile and web app developers at a better rate — and our clients rave about their collaboration and communication compared to other offshore teams. That's the Italian difference.

How do we do it?


In traditional offshore work, "swarms of people are trying to sell you swarms of people" (in the words of one of our clients).  The results are mixed at best, with a huge risk profile that often outweighs the financial benefit of lower rates. 


Instead, we focus on reducing both your cost and your risk. Each of our developers are supported by ongoing project-oriented coaching and intensive training by US-based senior software consultants from major tech companies, after undergoing a meticulous screening and certification process. 


Additionally, we provide a financial quality guarantee: if an invoice reflects work that is not of suitable quality, you don't have to pay it. (But we should mention: due to the great work provided by our developers, no one has asked for this yet.) 


Who and where are the developers?

We are a boutique staffing firm, focused on the best of the best. Our growing team of offshore developers are based in Italy (Sicily specifically). They work remotely using Agile methods adapted to the needs of each client's dev process. All have advanced degrees and are educated at prestigious regional universities that are recruitment pools for major European software and consulting firms. They speak, read and write fluent English. 

What languages and platforms?


The best value for Silicon Valley-quality developers, factoring in fully-loaded costs and risk profile.


Our Manifesto

Great software requires great software developers.

Successful remote software projects result from core competencies far beyond well-written code, including project management, product management and crucially, so-called "soft skills."


High-performing remote software development teams:

  • Have in-depth and up-to-the-minute technology expertise,

  • Collaborate closely with the rest of the client team (which includes the ability to speak and write fluently in English), 

  • Understand and can flesh out client business requirements,
  • Are responsible and parsimonious with scheduling (as opposed to burning through billable time),

  • Bring investigation and rigor to the product use cases,

  • Translate user experience into a scalable technical architecture, 

  • Adapt their development workflow to the needs of the client, and... 

  • Overall, bring a product mindset to the project. 

Knowing the syntax of a language or the platform API is essential, but not sufficient. Product impact and user satisfaction are the result of skills in UX, project management and above all, communication.

Coding is about more than just code.

(Don't take our word for it. Read our clients rave about what sets us apart.)

Latest tech

Developers work with the most widely-used, modern mobile and app platforms, including common JavaScript frameworks (Node, React, etc.), Rails and also PHP and .Net. For mobile, they work in both iOS and Android.


For back-end they are adept at client-hosted solutions, cloud infrastructure (such as AWS) and micro-services & APIs. To track the project, they work in Jira or use your own in-house tool.

Focused results

Our developers don't do everything. Many offshore teams say they'll do just about anything to get the job. The result? The client gets left with a mess when it doesn't pan out.


Instead, our developers do a few things, but do them really, really well: mobile and web app development. We can provide a single developer up through a full team led by an experienced software architect.

The list of languages and platforms...

Reducing risk

US-based senior consultants from Silicon Villas help our developers quickly overcome thorny project issues and keep them up-to-date with the latest tech in mobile and web. Ongoing advanced English language lessons are integrated too.

This innovative program addresses the most challenging aspects of offshore work: communication, project/product management, and code quality. No other offshore team gets this level of support.

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